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[PICTS] Lee Min Ho : Trugen 2010 CF

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[PICTS] LMH with The Donation Certificate From UNICEF

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MORE PICTS : LMH (Trugen 2010 Spring Season)

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I'm Vlog - Koo Hye Sun @ Be Friends [BTS]

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[PICTS] Goo Hye Sun : Tous Les Jours

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[VIDEO] Lee Min Ho & Goo Hye Sun ~Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?~

[FAN ART] Lee Min Ho & Son Ye Jin

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Lim Ji Gyu, GHS's Chosen Star Actor for her First Full-Length: Much Anticipation

Headline: 임지규, 구혜선 첫 장편영화 주인공 발탁 ‘기대’
Headline: Lim Ji Gyu, GHS's Chosen Star Actor for her First Full-Length: much anticipation'

[뉴스엔 이미혜 기자]=Newsen's Reporter Lee Mi Hae

배우 임지규가 구혜선의 첫 장편영화에 주인공으로 발탁됐다.
Actor Lim Ji Gyu is selected as the star actor for GHS's first full-length feature.
(you know, news reporters are sometimes slower than the fans~~DC members knew this fact before this article and this is reporters' first report on Lim Ji Gyu! blink.gif I don't get them!)

‘은하해방전선’과 ‘저수지에서 건진 치타’로 전주영화제와 부산국제영화제에서 주목을 받고 부일영화제에서 신인상을 수상했던 임지규는 감독으로 변신한 구혜선의 첫 장편영화에 주인공으로 캐스팅돼 촬영을 시작했다.
Lim Ji Gyu appeared in movies such as Milky Way Liberation Battle Front and Cheetah Saved From the Reservoir. He received much attention through JunJoo Film Festival and Busan International Film Festival. At the BooIl Film Festival, he even received New Actors Award. (In my last translation of an article about Lim few pages back, it was reported that Lim received the award at the recommendation of Ahn Sung Gi who was impressed by Lim and Ahn actually pushed for the Actors Award which was nonexistent in that film festival.)
Now, Lim has been chosen to play the lead role for GHS who has been transformed into a director.

전 시회 및 출판 등으로 다방면에 재능을 발휘하며 관심을 받고 있는 구혜선의 장편데뷔작 ‘요술’은 젊은 음악도들의 사랑과 우정을 그린 영화. 임지규는 명진 역을 맡아 소극적이고 내성적인 눈에 뛰지 않는 아직은 미숙한 첼리스트로 분했다.
(I paraphrased)GHS's full-lenth feature directorial debut is titled MAGIC. and it is the result of her muti-talents. It is a story of young musicians' love and friendship. Lim Ji Gyu plays the role of Myung Jin' who is passive, introverted, easily-overlooked, and is an inexperienced cellist
(OMG! Upto this time, even though Lim may be the lead, he has been overlooked by the media~~what a casting! don't you think?)

친구 정우(김정욱 분)의 도움으로 자신의 재능을 이끌어내고 주목받는 첼리스트가 되어 정우가 완성하지 못한 지은(서현진 분)의 요술을 완성 시키려 한다. Lim's character receives help from a friend Jung Woo (Kim Jung Wook's role) and becomes a cellist who achieves his potential and recognition. Lim's character tries to perfect and complete the musical score by Ji Eun (Suh Hyun Jin's role) and that which Jung Woo could not perfect.

독 립영화의 기대주 또는 독립영화의 스타라는 수식어가 붙어왔지만 아직은 대중들에게 생소한 임지규란 배우를 감독 구혜선은 외모에서 풍기는 음악가적인 모습과 은하해방전선에서 보여준 자연스러운 연기 때문에 연출부의 추천을 받자마자 바로 내정시켰다고.
Although Lim has been called the future of independent films and star of independent films, the general public is still unfamiliar with Lim. However, GHS picked Lim because of Lim's 'musician-like atmosphere' about him and his natural acting style that she saw in MilkyWay Liberation Battlefront. When her directing team also recommended him, she immediately made a decision to recruit Lim.

임 지규는 첼리스트인 명진 역을 위해 11월부터 첼로 개인레슨을 받으며 역에 몰입해 왔다. 첼로라는 악기도 처음이고 상업영화에서 극을 이끌어가는 첫 주연을 맡아 부담감이 많았던 그는 음악원 분량의 촬영을 끝내고 편집한 10분가량의 영상을 보고서는 크게 만족했다.
For his role, Lim Ji Gyu has been focusing on developing his character and receiving private cello lessons since November, 2009. This is his first experience with cello. It is also his first lead acting role for a commercial film. He feels the burden of such a responsibility yet he showed big satisfaction after watching the 10 minute-editing of the music performance scene.

한편 1월 15일부터 인천에 소재한 창영초등학교에서 일주일간의 촬영은 서먹한 분위기에서 시작됐지만 미녀 감독의 시원스러운 큐소리에 금세 화기애애해졌으며 일주일간의 합숙으로 최고의 팀웍을 갖게 됐다고. 이제 한발을 내딛은 요술은 2월 중순까지 촬영을 하며 올 가을 개봉을 앞두고 있다.
The filming took place since Jan.15th at a Chang Myung elementary school located in Inchun. Of course, the atmosphere started out awkward. However, the atmosphere became comfortable and harmonious listening to the beautiful director's lively and unreserved sounds of ' CUE'. The entire MAGIC team lodging together for a week also greatly enhanced the teamwork spirit. So, MAGIC has made its first step and will continue until the middle of February. The movie expects to open in the fall.
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Female Cast For Lee Min-Ho’s Drama is Son Ye-Jin

Sohn Ye-jin is returning to television in the romantic-comedy drama Personal Taste opposite Lee Min-ho!

The drama adaptation (of a novel) has been revived after fizzling in 2008, and recently cast Boys Before Flowers’s breakout star Lee Min-ho in the lead role as a straight guy pretending to be gay in order to move in with a woman (who wouldn’t room with a straight male).

Sohn Ye-jin, one of the brightest talents among actresses of her age/generation, has focused on her film career with roles in films like My Wife Got Married and, more recently, the dark thriller Into the White Night with Go Soo. Her last drama roles were Spotlight (meh) and 2006’s critically lauded Alone In Love, where she was wonderful. While her recent work has been in more provocative fare, she’ll show a bright innocence in this role, which promises to bring laughs with her plucky and sometimes-quirky character. The title of the drama, Personal Taste [개인의 취향], is also a pun on her character’s name, Kae-in, to mean “Kae-in’s taste.”

Park Kae-in is a late-twenties furniture designer who is the daughter of a famous architecture professor. She is the young founder of her own furniture brand but frequently makes mistakes, and is “frustratingly trusting” in a way that makes her an easy target for betrayal when she trusts people she shouldn’t. Still, she maintains an upbeat demeanor and pure spirit. She’s been hurt a lot and has always wanted to have gay male friends (perhaps due to her numerous betrayals?), and the plot gets going when she gains new roommate Jeon Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho), whom she believes to be gay. Of course, he develops feelings for her but by then she has started to trust him, not knowing that their relationship was built on that lie.

Personal Taste will air on MBC in April. I was cautiously optimistic when Lee Min-ho was cast, but now: CAN’T WAIT.

Via, BNT News
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[PICTS] New Manolin Cafe Picts

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KBS Intergenerational Sympathy: Star Wars - Lee Min Ho vs Bae Yong Joon

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[PICTS] Lee Min Ho : New Lunar Sea Mini Mino Series

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[PICTS] Lee Min Ho : Trugen 2010 Spring Season

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[NEW] GHS : “I’m okay with going bald for my acting, but…”

On Entertainment Relay, Goo HyeSun was featured and she revealed her interests in acting. She also revealed that she would even shave her head if her acting required that. However, she admitted that she wouldn’t do something else for her acting.

Wondering what that something is? Go under the cut to find out!

Goo HyeSun has been on the popular searched tags because she admitted her personal acting preferences. During an interview on KBS Entertainment Relay, she admitted, “I could gain weight depending on my character. I could gain up to 10kg.” In addition, when they asked her about her weight she replied, “It often goes back and forth.”

She also added, “I could even go bald. I like to cut my hair,” showing her passion for acting. When they asked her about acting that shows her skin, she truthfully replied, “That I might have to think about.”

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[VIDEO] MBC Section TV : Lee Min Ho - Park Shin Hye Interview in Filming Location

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[PICS] Koo Hye Sun with Fahrenheit

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[INTERVIEW] Koo Hye Sun at SOUP CF Photoshoot

Headline: Perfect Woman: Goo Hye Sun’s Extraordinary Change

MC(narrating): Splendid skin, perfect face and attractive bodyline—the lady who has everything perfect. This is Goo Hye Sun.-------Not too long ago, it seems like we only saw her wearing a uniform. It has been a long time since we saw her like this, right?

@0:19 (on screen: cute and pure teen-like Goo Hye Sun)
MC: She seems like a living doll.

@0:23 (on screen: today’s clothing concept?)
GHS: a little like a princess,,(breaks into a shy laughter)

MC(narrating):she seems slightly awkward,,
GHS: I normally do not wear clothes like this so I am a bit worried whether I look OK in them or not.,,,,If I get a boyfriend, I will wear them often. (shy laughter)

MC (Choi Dong Suk): When I look at you today, it is a very cute and feminine image. With such an image, can a sexy image emerge?
MC (narrating) in a moment, her method to look sexy is?

GHS: (laughing) sexy? (GHS, as you see, just lifts up her long skirt slightly and puts it down quickly.)
MC(narrating): Oh, it is so regrettable….

MC: Although I am lacking in many ways, pretend that I am Goo Joon Pyo and.,,,,, I am a married person but can I really make a pose as her date?
GHS: Ahh,, you are married?
MC: yes.

GHS: Then, please move to over there. (GHS pushes the MC away from her. All laughs)
MC(narrating): She did not know that I was married. Ahh, so this is how it is…

Scene changes to the KBS Award Ceremony:

(@1:09 on screen: Best Couple, Netizen, Best Actress Awards)
GHS: ---I also thank LMH who acted so well in rhythm with me,,,
MC(narrating): She received three awards at the KBS Award Ceremony.

GHS: After I got the Couple Award, then the Netizen Award,,,I thought it is time to go home now,,,but then,,,
MC: Oh No, what if you did go home, huh?

GHS: (laughing) yes, it was a joke,,,then, they gave me such a big award,,,

MC: Without any male partner, GHS filmed her CF only holding the flowers.

(@1:40 on screen: they are trying to reenact the couple image with Goo Joon Pyo…)
GHS: The pose is this (she gestures to give the MC a punch on the face---remember, in BOF, Jandi and GJP’s typical interaction involved fighting and arguing)

GHS: I am sorry. In reality, it is not nice to hit people with the ring on. (BUT, as you can see, GHS is changing to her right hand the bigger, bumpier ring in preparation to hit the MC!)

MC: She is really putting on her ring,,,Truly, it was scary that she was smiling and yet putting on her ring!!!! (AS you see, GHS gives MC a fake punch with that big ring and choking and more!)

MC (narrating) Thus, our blood=?soonhwan? has been linked together.(On screen are: sound of punch and save the married man!) Following, we have a question and answer session.
MC: Even when I think about myself, I am really ungddoonghada=unconvention

al/strange/not normal or 4D.

GHS: (holds up x sign: I personally think GHS hates it when other people think of her as different: I actually love her uniqueness! But it is understandable)

GHS: It is not that I am different or strange, but I tend to be too playful and mischievous.
MC: How are you playful?

GHS: When I was younger, I used to give ddong-chim=hitting-usually boys-between the butt with the edge of one’s palm. (loud laugh from mc)

(@2:22 On screen: Are you stubborn and stress your point of view a lot?)
GHS: Yes, I do have my opinions but I tend to compromise a lot.

MC: Is there anything you will not compromise? A personal ironclad principle maybe?
GHS: Maybe if there is a lack of etiquette and manners,,,Within the bounds of manners, all is,, (on screen, it says, she is flexible within the bounds of politeness…)

MC: So, as long as you keep your manners, you can give ddong-chim..., (GHS laughs at her own ungddoonghan=uncommon principle. Hahaha)

From the studio, a Male Voice: she is really ungddonghada.
MC: GHS could live on dew drops. (given what MC says next, I wonder if this means that she drinks alcohol or nothing at all? I am not sure. But the connotation seems negative.)

GHS: She strongly holds up the X mark.
MC: So you drink once in a while?

GHS: Yes, but I have stopped now for a while.
MC: But you do drink.
GHS: I used to but not now.

MC: When people drink, their faces get puffy the next day. Dis you used to have your own way of managing such a problem?
GHS: My face never puffed up. (laughter)

(I did not get this part clearly: MC says don’t look at the mnihompy, and seems to be saying that maybe his own face swells up after overindulgence?)
MC: So even if you overeat, you don’t really get puffy…

GHS: (just laughs) no.
MC: Do you have more regular-people friends or more friends from the industry?
GHS: I have more regular friends.

MC: What do you normally do when you see your friends?
GHS: hmmm, we drink beer together.

MC: But you told me that you quit drinking.
GHS: I have not seen them recently…

(someone from the studio comments on her statement here but I could not hear---I wonder if he said she is again ungddonghada.)

(@3:30 on screen, Can you gain weight for your character?)
GHS: I could be different depending on the character. But I can gain upto maybe 10kg.
MC: Wow, that is a lot!

GHS: 10kg? Really but I frequently go back and forth about that much. (laughter)
MC: Do you think you can shave your head for your character?

GHS: (very confidently) Yes,,,,I love short hair.
MC: How about exposing your body?

GHS: hmm I would have to think about that,,,,,,Be always healthy and happy. Thank you.
MC: We anticipate more projects from the perfect lady….

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[NEWS] Wu Zhun : "I want to try acting with Goo Hye Sun"

A member of Taiwan's popular group Fahrenheit and also and actor, Wu Zun "I filmed a music video with Goo Hye Sun and found her to be very kind. She is an actress that I would like to act with." On the afternoon of the 15th at a hotel cafe, I met with Wuzun (吳尊) who is a member of Taiwan's popular group Fahrenheit and an actor. He has huge, sparkling eyes like a deer and smiled shyly. Only a day before, Fahrenheit and Goo Hye Sun filmed a music video together to the song, "Touch Your Heart"

" I find Goo Hye Sun-ssi to be smart and kind after having worked with her. It was fun to film with her because she has so many ideas. If you were to ask me which Korean actress I would like to work with, I would like to with Hye Sun-ssi."

Wu Zun can be considered pro-Korean in the Taiwan entertainment field as he can name and discuss very easily not only Korean female actresses but also Korean dramas and movies.

" I enjoyed watching the movie "The Beautiful Lady Is Stressed" I totally respect the director who has such a wonderful artistic sense for the music and editing. My respect for him is to the point of wanting to meet him. If an offer to play the role of Joo Jin Mo comes to me? Definitely I would. Haha. Also, I really enjoyed watching Full House with leads by Song Hye Gyo and Rain."

While talking with him about Korean popular culture, I was able to see his interest in Korea. When the waiter brought water and fruits, Wu Zun so naturally said in Korean "Kamsahamnida/Thank You". He hardly had any foreigner's accent.

Ah, in the past, I have studied Korean a little. But I forgot it all now. (laugheter). Language has to be used indaily life and since I cannot, I easily forget a lot. However, one of my close friends is Korean and this friend still teaches me Korean. Also, I pick up few words here and there while watching Korean dramas."

"When I come to Korea, I always eat Bulgogi or Korean barbequed beef." Wu Zun has already come to Korea for the 6th time.This time, he came to attend tonight's 5th Asia Model Award Ceremony at the Seoul Olympic Park's Olympic Hall. At the ceremony, Wuzun received Asia Star Award along with Lee Byung Hyun.

Wu Zun made his debut in 2006 as a member of Fahrenheit group. He has become quite active in the world of CF, movies and music. Along with Jung Won Chang, Ha Goon Sang and Na Ji Sang, Wuzon is one of Taiwan's top stars, known as the 4th '신(新) 4대 천왕'? . His acted in these dramas: '동방수려엽(東方茱麗葉)'= Dong Bang Soo Ryu Yub 과 '화양소년소녀(花樣少年少女)'= Hwa Yang Boy and Girl, '공주소매(公主小妹) =Pricess Sleeve', '람구화(籃球火)=Ram Goo Hwa. These movies were introduced internationally through the cable channels and are well known in Korea. He has a fan site operated by thousands of fans.

"Korean fans are really enthusiastic/passionate. When I had a fan signing event in Taiwan, a Korean fan came all the way from Korea. There is also a fan who came to Taiwan to study because of me. Whenever I see them, I feel both apologetic and grateful. That is why when I see my Korean fans, I tell them, Thank you for working and trying so hard. Although I do not have much chance to keep in touch with the Korean fans, I want to come to Korea often just because of the many fans who always welcome me so ardently."

This year, unlike last year, he hopes to have more time with his fans. Wu Zun is soon starting his new movie '금의위(錦衣衛)' = Geum ui wi = Above the Gold? and he plans to come to Korea to meet his fans with it. He is also publishing a book of stories about his growing up process and his activities as entertainer and is planning to use the publication for charity work.

"Although my real personality is not soft or princely, I have since played many Tall Man roles. (laughter) However, I am changing my acting role for this upcoming new movie. I will be playing a lawful, charismatic general and will have many action scenes. For the last two months, I have been practicing military skills. Please watch out for my new acting challenge to come."

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[SCANS] Goo Hye Sun : Taiwan Magazine

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HEART IN VOH ( Jandi-Junpyo Island)

Inget Heart Island di BBF?? Pulau berbentuk hati yang khusus dibuat oleh Goo Jun Pyo kepada kekasih nya, dan pulau hati itu dia persembahkan untuk Geum Jan Di .

Ternyata, pulau itu bukan rekayasa belaka, melainkan bener bener ada !!!!

Seorang fotografer, Yann Arthus Bertrand merupakan fotografer internasional yang telah mengabadikan ribuan citra bumi dari balon udara dan helikopter secara mengagumkan.

Salah satu hasil fotonya yang terkenal adalah Heart in Voh, (New Caledonia, Perancis), sebuah rawa alamiah berbentuk hati yang menggemparkan dunia yang sering menjadi cover buku-buku karyanya.

cr :

Goo Hye Sun & Fahrenheit - Touch Your Heart Song , kimchi's blog

[SCANS] LMH : Brokore Magazine Vol 27

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Y-Star News - Lee Min Ho's Next Drama 'Personal Taste' to be aired on March 31

credit: , kimchi's blog

[SCANS] Japan Magazine : Satellite Program Guide & Hallyu Fans vol.14

Source : Luxury Min Ho
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