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Lee Min Ho - 2AM Seulong

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GHS : Not Attending The BOF Graduation Event

Goo Hye Sun not attending the BOF Graduation Event @ Japan (April 24-25, 2010)



フィコ横浜国立大ホールで行われる「NewGeneration-Live in YOKOHAMA-」及び「花より男子~Boys Over Flowers」ラストイベント-卒業-への出演を予定していたク・ヘソンですが、本人が監督及び主演している映画『요술 ヨスル(妖術)』の上映日が急遽イベントと同週の4月22日に決まり、全国各地の映画館で行われる舞台挨拶等のプロモーションイベントに参加しなくてはならなくなったため、出演を見合わせてほしいとの連絡を所属事務所よりいただきました。



cr: DC

Although I have not seen any news articles, DCinside has given has an inside scoop!
They are saying that GHS' MAGIC is opening on April 22, 2010!

She is having a press conference and VIP conference on April 12, all day long!

Supposedly GHS is planning not to attend the BOF promotion event on April 24th due to her need to be available after the opening of her movie. They did not say anything about April 25th.

I am not sure where the DC is getting their information. One post referred to getting the information from one of the other more private fan sites of GHS. I know that few of these private fan sites (they are hard to become members) have direct contact with GHS' manager!


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Goo Hye Sun : Vogue Girl March Issue

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Lee Min Ho : Personal Taste Filming

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Goo Hye Sun's Letter to her Parents

That is why I believe in the truth that I am most definitely feeling happiness.
That is why I lose to happiness...
That is why I know I am happy....

My strict...parents...they gave to me....

Wanted to speak with skill and wit so that, with one single sentence, I can captivate others.
However, my parents gave to me..
An attitude that exudes, although not perfect,
A foremost deeply thoughtful and discreet tongue.
To make sure I understand my limit/ my weakness,
They applied on me a hitting stick.....

Wanted and hated the enomously wealthy...
However, parents gave to me..
Wisdom and resourcefulness to overcome poverty..
Not even once did they allow me a coin that I may
Fold my fingers over...

Wanted a calculating mind that can easily get things done.
But, my parents gave to me
A guidance on even better and effective methods to get things done.
They silently prayed for me so that I can accomplish all things with my own strength....

Wanted plenty of aspirations, goals, confidence, huge bravery, etc.
However, my parents gave to me...only,,,
A mentality that cannnot be conceited, patience that can tolerate long waiting...
They seem to allow me a breath at the moment of an impulsive thought..

I wanted a strong and stout heart that can ignore sadness.
But, my parents,,,
To my broken heart like that of a baby chick, they seem to apply on me even more bitter ointment...
Looking at my tearing two eye,,,to my two eyes,,,
They did not say anything....

That is why I believe in the truth that I am most definitely feeling happiness.
That is why I lose to happiness...
That is why I know I am happy....

Dear parents, I love you.
Thank you so much.
---Your last daughter, HyeSun


[On the surface, her parents seem cold and so strict as she mentioned, Yet, underneath, they are so wise and so aware of the harshness and inequality of the real life. Her parents equipped her with the ability to feel the pain, frustration and to go through the process of life and yet come out believing in her self. They allowed her to be real and to know that they cannot take away all the hurt or pain of life for her---the dilemma of all parents---can only guide and pray for the best,,,,,]

posted by Goo Tango = 쿠 탱고
(Goo Tango posts runs and runs of GHS pix in DC,)
Thank you so much GooTango!

Goo Tango posted the letter written by GHS to her parents. It is just so moving and so poetic

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