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Koo Hye Sun VS the Doll..

LMH on Fansigning Trugen Event at Gangnam.

KHS unnie at Art Exhibition on June.

SHE's so beautiful ....

MinSun with Me..

MinSun Fanarts

Senin, 21 September 2009

MinSun Picts ^_^

Senin, 14 September 2009

Upcoming Minho and Hyesun Interview in Japan TBS program "Academy Night" on Sept 24 !!

Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun will be appear on Sept 24th TBS's Academy Night (program which airs Thursday 2:33am-3:03am) .

Discussion of unrevealed BOF's filming moments and of a 'movie' will take place.

(fr japanese blog)

Another MinSun Identical Item? :)

LOVE IT !! (Sept. 11, 2009 LMH at MBC Section TV) (Sept. 12, 2009 GHS DOUTORU Fansigning)"And MinSun shippers' spirit is on high once again..

MinSun never cease to surprise us.

After the white/black tee, comes NOW the gray/white/black checkered polo shirt (seen above)

(and Are they also wearing their identical bracelets? :P)"

Sabtu, 12 September 2009

Lee Min Ho : My Love !!

i don't know why i really really love him .. he's so handsome, cute, and prfect for me !! hope he can be married with Koo Hye Sun unnie . ahehe. that's my hope as MinSun Shipper!! Go Min Ho ! Go MinSun Go !! Aza Aza Fighting !!

Hye Sun's Opinion About Min Ho!!

Right after GHS was confirmed for the role of Geum Jandi,
she went to have her read by a fortuneteller. (Goonghap, as told by a fortuneteller, predicts how

harmonious the relationship will be between the couple.) GHS wanted to know how harmonious she will be

with her cowokers (subjects of her goonghap are Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, and Kim Joon.).

She went to the goonghap with her friends and received reports of very good levels of harmony with all

her four coworkers to be.

Because she has most scenes with Lee Min Ho, she has become very close to him without reservation.

Goo Hye Sun says of LMH:

he is very lively and yet delicate and subtle. He may speak down to her to fool

around, but he is a dongsang who knows how to be so very considerate of her feelings.

Lee and I get along so well that he has become a very comfortable dongsang to me now. Kim Hyun

Joong has such good manners that, at times, I am surprised by him. Even though he is younger than I am,

he feels much older and mature. Kim Bum is dignified and imposing. When I try to get hold of my

emotions to get ready for the next scene, he would tell others in the waiting area to be quiet and,

people listen to his words. Because Kim Joon and I are of same age, I communicate fine with him.

Because the story of BOF is about the fantastically wealthy boys,

GHS acknowledges the benefits to herself. It was the first time since she was born that she went to ski. Her eyes widening,

she said, although Minho tried to teach me how to ski, it felt doubtful.

Showing nails, she admired how pretty the nail art looked. It is my first time so it looks strange yet marvelous.

Goo Hye Sun :
Actors may skip their meals or just eat a roll of kimbap (Korean style sea weed roll) under the stress of filming. I may do that too.

Occasionally Minho would buy me delicious food and I would get a burst of energy.

F4 must feel rally sorry for me because I have to fall and get hurt a lot.

So, they often treat me to dinners. (lucky GHS!)

Because of the rain today, BOF filming was temporarily postponed. Using that intermission, GHS visited a Tarot Card Specialist. to get a reading. She wanted to find out if her unrequited love can ever turn into mutual love.

She was told that the man she likes also has feelings for her.

However, neither she nor he has professed true feelings to each other.

She was very happy getting the love report by the Tarot specialist who told her that she s going to have a boyfriend/sweetheart this year. ( i hope the man is min ho)

source :

Is MinSun really meant to be ??

Host bertanya kepada Goo Hye Sun, aktor jepang mana yang dia kagumi dan dia berkata TAKUYA KIMURA.. dan bagiku dan HoSun shippers berkata TAKUYA KIMURA adalah mirip dengan seseorang bernama .... LEE MIN HO!!!!

Dan yang paling penting.. seseorang di Baidu mencari tahu tentang Takuya Kimura dan Shizuka Kudo (Istri Takuya) dan perbedaan umur Lee Min Ho dan Goo Hye Sun.. dan kalian tahu apa MinSun shippers..

Mereka berdua memiliki perbedaan umur yang sama ( 2 tahun dan 7 bulan) OMG! bukankah ini menakjubkan ?? Walau Shizuka Kudo lebih tua darui Takuya Kimura dan Goo Hye Sun lebih tua dari Lee Min Ho.. OMG!!! bukankah ini menakjubkan ?? baiklah ini yang terakhir dariku.

Aku tahu Lee Min Ho dan Goo Hye Sun bukan pasangan di kehidupan nyata tapi BAGIKU MEREKA NYATA!! haha.

Dan harapanku adalah supaya Tuhan mentakdirkan Lee Min Ho dan Goo Hye Sun sebagai SOUL MATES paling tidak seperti Takuya dan Shizuka sebagai Suami-Istri.. itu harapanku!

Indonesian Translation by : nurulzminoz :)

From petite

source :

MinSun : Funny Expressions

Koo Hye Sun unnie!!

Lee Min Ho in WowKorea!!

MinSun Fan arts!!

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Lee Min Ho in UNICEF