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[NEWS] Wu Zhun : "I want to try acting with Goo Hye Sun"

A member of Taiwan's popular group Fahrenheit and also and actor, Wu Zun "I filmed a music video with Goo Hye Sun and found her to be very kind. She is an actress that I would like to act with." On the afternoon of the 15th at a hotel cafe, I met with Wuzun (吳尊) who is a member of Taiwan's popular group Fahrenheit and an actor. He has huge, sparkling eyes like a deer and smiled shyly. Only a day before, Fahrenheit and Goo Hye Sun filmed a music video together to the song, "Touch Your Heart"

" I find Goo Hye Sun-ssi to be smart and kind after having worked with her. It was fun to film with her because she has so many ideas. If you were to ask me which Korean actress I would like to work with, I would like to with Hye Sun-ssi."

Wu Zun can be considered pro-Korean in the Taiwan entertainment field as he can name and discuss very easily not only Korean female actresses but also Korean dramas and movies.

" I enjoyed watching the movie "The Beautiful Lady Is Stressed" I totally respect the director who has such a wonderful artistic sense for the music and editing. My respect for him is to the point of wanting to meet him. If an offer to play the role of Joo Jin Mo comes to me? Definitely I would. Haha. Also, I really enjoyed watching Full House with leads by Song Hye Gyo and Rain."

While talking with him about Korean popular culture, I was able to see his interest in Korea. When the waiter brought water and fruits, Wu Zun so naturally said in Korean "Kamsahamnida/Thank You". He hardly had any foreigner's accent.

Ah, in the past, I have studied Korean a little. But I forgot it all now. (laugheter). Language has to be used indaily life and since I cannot, I easily forget a lot. However, one of my close friends is Korean and this friend still teaches me Korean. Also, I pick up few words here and there while watching Korean dramas."

"When I come to Korea, I always eat Bulgogi or Korean barbequed beef." Wu Zun has already come to Korea for the 6th time.This time, he came to attend tonight's 5th Asia Model Award Ceremony at the Seoul Olympic Park's Olympic Hall. At the ceremony, Wuzun received Asia Star Award along with Lee Byung Hyun.

Wu Zun made his debut in 2006 as a member of Fahrenheit group. He has become quite active in the world of CF, movies and music. Along with Jung Won Chang, Ha Goon Sang and Na Ji Sang, Wuzon is one of Taiwan's top stars, known as the 4th '신(新) 4대 천왕'? . His acted in these dramas: '동방수려엽(東方茱麗葉)'= Dong Bang Soo Ryu Yub 과 '화양소년소녀(花樣少年少女)'= Hwa Yang Boy and Girl, '공주소매(公主小妹) =Pricess Sleeve', '람구화(籃球火)=Ram Goo Hwa. These movies were introduced internationally through the cable channels and are well known in Korea. He has a fan site operated by thousands of fans.

"Korean fans are really enthusiastic/passionate. When I had a fan signing event in Taiwan, a Korean fan came all the way from Korea. There is also a fan who came to Taiwan to study because of me. Whenever I see them, I feel both apologetic and grateful. That is why when I see my Korean fans, I tell them, Thank you for working and trying so hard. Although I do not have much chance to keep in touch with the Korean fans, I want to come to Korea often just because of the many fans who always welcome me so ardently."

This year, unlike last year, he hopes to have more time with his fans. Wu Zun is soon starting his new movie '금의위(錦衣衛)' = Geum ui wi = Above the Gold? and he plans to come to Korea to meet his fans with it. He is also publishing a book of stories about his growing up process and his activities as entertainer and is planning to use the publication for charity work.

"Although my real personality is not soft or princely, I have since played many Tall Man roles. (laughter) However, I am changing my acting role for this upcoming new movie. I will be playing a lawful, charismatic general and will have many action scenes. For the last two months, I have been practicing military skills. Please watch out for my new acting challenge to come."

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