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Lunar Sea's Mini Mino Series

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Koo Hye Sun : in Ceci Magazine

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Star Catalogue:
Stars that you have been wondering about...CeCi brings their stories to you.

Things I wanted to ask actress GHS:

GHS is planning to crank up her full length film in November and it is a story of a cellist and music. When did she start writing her script? Did she complete the casting process? Nobody knows. Not too long ago when she published her novel, exhibited her art work and came out with her music CD--nobody knew much about it either. Her working process has always been very quiet. That is why, to most people, GHS is not an easily understandable text.

(There are writings on this article usually next to GHS pictures that advertises CeCe clothes and how much they cost. I am not translating that. But I will translate some of the excerpts next to her pictures that are related to GHS.)

Only few years ago, the one qualifier word, Ulzzang explained everything about GHS the actress. Her face is full of mischiefs and curiosity behind those huge blinking eyes. But she gives me a correction:

I used to say that I can do anything: from the NN5's energetic and 'uh ri bah ri'=goofy? screenwriter, to untainted Yanbin female of the Pure Heart of 19, to Queen Yune who aroused 'gah chae' in King and I. Yes, I tried my hardest, but I also have lonely memories of not having things work out the way I wanted. In the beginning, I thought that things worked out well for me because I have all the luck and because I am special. I did not realized just how many people worked so hard to help me.Especially through KIng and I, my self-conceit and pride broke off. Because I made a debut at young age, I may have matured faster.

In 2009, GHS again solidified her place as an actress by playing Geum Jandi who, having gone through the torture of being abused and bullied end up being loved by the F4. While her popularity soared among the mass, her TV appearance time gradually decreased. Most celebrities' pattern is to be mindful of how their audience is feeling about them and to adjust themselves to maintain their status. Same pattern does not apply to GHS. In the middle of such heated popularity, GHS walks out showing one at a time new and different sides to her. After the big hit of BOF, she could have easily just enjoyed the unending adulation.

However, she quickly gargled the taste of popularity out of her and published her first novel, TANGO. Then she opened her own private exhibition of her illustrations and art work. Then she produced her New Age musical CD. And, in November, she is to hold the megaphone as a director. (We know that this article was written before the her movie was postponed.) Now, nobody can really predict her future. She may be able to think about what she has to do tomorrow, but she cannot make a guaratee or positive assertion about her future. She is curious herself what would be her future. Only thing that she feels sure is that the process will be mighty interesting. (She is still positive, GREAT!)

I always work with a smile on my face. I feel more the benefit from working really hard. On the one hand, living so intensely may seem empty, but I feel so alive. Making movie is about constantly being face to face with other people around you all the time--to communicate, to fight, to have conferences---I really enjoy that process.

Carefully, the reporter asked GHS about her new movie. Firstly, it is a mystery. The story deals with the endless desires of artistic people. They want to fulfill their intense desires yet the desire is endlesss and meaningless conflicts arise. People die. Towards the end, even after the death of a lover, the lead actor's frame of mind to still need to play the cello is revealed. It may not be your typical Korean movie that one is used to--it is slightly manic. (smiles)

After BOF, people are again acknowledging her as the actress. So, WHY does she have to choose a difficult road of being a director? As I became more and more famous as an actress, whether consciously or subconciously, my routine has turned into hiding myself from the public. The more I talked, sometimes the more it worked aginst me. If I play a bright and energetic character, I had to stay in that character no matter where I am. If I play a sad character, I could not easily laugh anywhere either. The character that I play is not the real and entire me. If I show the public many other aspects of me, would they be more confused? I want to be more free with myself and the public. How long do I have live my life by restraining and abstaining from being myself? The more and more I thought about it, the lonelier I became.

To comfort my loneliness, I scribbled, painted and composed. However, those are jobs for only one person to do. I wanted to meet people more. So, I went out. I took my work with me. Actually, even before I became an actress, I wrote, painted and composed. Those senior actors who have worked me have seen my work and have encouraged me to not just keep it as a hobby but to consider writing books and to do art exhibitions. Under such positive encouragement, she worked hard giving up sleep. That is how she came out with her work to the public.

I know that I lacked tremendously, but I maintained the cocky attitude that I wanted to do what I wanted to do no matter what. Luckily, many people helped me. Some friends worried for me. They cautioned me to first do more acting, really sharpen the acting skills, to try for movie roles. Then, slowly with more experience, try other challenges. I thought about it. However, when would there be the right time for me to know that I am ready to challenge myself new. What if such readiness never come my entire life and I die? By nature, we human beings are not even perfect to start with!

(No time like the present when one has the strong desires. US Nike should have capitalized on GHS's attitude about life: Life is just too short. This is it. No time for rehearsals. Just Do It! And leave the results to the wind! Love and enjoy the process of making your life so very rich and full! I just love her!)

I decided to give myself some room. I told myself that I am doing it because I want to do it, not because I am so good at it. A person who already lives her life so intensely may bring out even more authentic colors of her being by adding a flavor of something new. To make one scene, I fight fiercely with the staff. We may even fight more than 12 times a day.

Then I would say, (We all know what happens to those sand castles when the tide comes in. Right? GHS seems to saying that she felt stifled as an actress but more free and less lonley as a director. She broke FREE. I hope that even if she continues an an actress, she will take roles that make her feel more free and limitless so that we will still see her on screen, not only behind the screen. What a human being!)

Now, this is the start for me. I already hung out all my work out there for the public. I am sure that while filming, from time to time, I will look at some of the results and say to myself, I am going crazy...What am I to do now! But, you know what, I know positively for sure that it will be nothing but very interesting!

(Some character GHS is!)

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Koo Hye Sun : So Pretty in Red + as labeled

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Lee Min Ho interviewed by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi in Korea

Fancam : Lee Min Ho at Kansai Airport, Japan

Lee Min Ho : at Gimpo Airport To Japan

Fancam : Lee Min Ho at Gimpo Airport to Japan

Lee Min Ho : Dunkin Donuts Bear 'Christmas'

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8 Best Memorable Moment Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho

o1. Goo Hye Sun dan Lee Min Ho sepakat kalau adegan Frist Kiss Jan Di dan Jun Pyo di taman bermain adalah adegan susah buat di lupain. Soalnya menurut mereka itu adegan yang paling susah karena saking nervous-nya mesti take sampe berulang-ulang.

o2. Kelar BBF, Hye Sun suka kepergok jalan berdua, malah ada sebuah sumber yang bilang, 'ya mereka emang dekat banget tapi mereka gak pacaran'. Di beberapa foto yang diambil paparazi, nunjukin kalo mereka kelihatan happy banget.

o3. Goo Hye Sun selalu nervous pas adegan kissing sam Lee Min Ho. Kalo ditotal ada sekitar 8 adengan kissing.

o4. Waktu Goo Hye Sun ngalamin kecelakaan mobil, Hye Sun udah ngarep banget mobil yang melintas di depannya adalah mobil Lee Min Ho dan ternyata bener. Hye Sun pun berterimah kasih banget sama Min Ho yang udah jadi dewa penyelamatnya.

o5. Pas di lokasi syuting BBF, Hye Sun ngasih hadiah kaca ke Lee Min Hoo. Karena suka melukis, Hye Sun sengaja ngegambar karakter Goo Jun Pyo di balik kaca itu, khusus buat Lee Min Ho.

o6. Pas interview di sebuah majalah, ketauan kalo Hye Sun dan Min Ho punya banyak kesamaan, terutama soal makanan dan tempat nongkrong favorit. Satu lagi mereka juga sama-sama suka ngelucu, Min Ho pernah bilang kalau Hye Sun kayak babi dan berat badannya bisa bertambah terus karena kebanyakan makan. Bukannya marah Hye Sun malah senyum-senyum gak jelas.hihihi..

o7. Saking akrabnya Goo Hye Sun udah punya panggilan kesayangan buat Lee Min Ho yaitu Siberian Husky, itu loh salah satu jenis anjing Siberia.

o8. Salah satu adegan yang gak bisa dilupain Hye Sun adalah farewell kiss waktu episode-episode terakhir syuitng BBF. Karena waktu syuting yang makin mepet, semua adegan dituntut perfect, biar gak harus take ulang. Nah itulah yang bikin Hye Sun nervous abis.

cr : Kiki Soeulmate Buminoz II@facebook

Lee Min Ho in Lunar Sea

Filming Koo Hye Sun's Movie Postponed

English Translation for

Headline:구혜선 시나리오 수정 구슬땀 Headline: GHS scenario revision beading sweat
스포츠한국 강은영기자 Sports HanKook Kang Eun Young Reporter
입력시간 : 2009/11/19 06:05:11 수정시간 : 2009/11/18 16:05:11
Originally posted on Nov 18, 2009 at 4:05PM then Revised on Nov 19, 2009 at 6:05 AM

(I sincerely hope that GHS herself makes some type of confirmation about her schedule for the movie soon.)
The news reports that Goo Hye Sun is making a major revision to her script at this time and therefore the filming of her movie has been postponed. The news also reports that GHS plans to perfect her script before the end of the year and start the filming. One of GHS's close associate states that,

Her movie is a thriller among genius musicians. For this movie, she has completed not only the OST but many other things already. She received positive feedback for her short film. GHS is putting all her energy into her next project, the full-length movie.

This reporter reports that GHS plans to complete filming of her full-length feature by next spring. Until then she is forgoing all her activities.

This article sounds more realistic and more like GHS to me. But I still am not positive which reporter to believe. HanKook news may have more credibility. Again I cannot vouch for it. According to this news, we won't be seeing GHS in fansigning, Andre Kim show or maybe even CF's. Neverthless, she must have faced numerous obstacles to consider revising her script when I remember she announced maybe in summer that her script was ready already!

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Goo Hye Sun Has No Plans For Acting Yet

Actress, musician, artist and director Goo Hye Sun has no plans for acting yet.

A representative from Goo Hye Sun's agency had a phone call with Newsen, stating:

"She is currently busy with editing her scenario for her first movie. She has to finish her scenario by next spring so until then, she will stop her acting activities. ... The movie is focused on the lives of music wannabes and it will be a thriller. Nothing is yet decided about the cast and budget. All of this will be decided after the scenario is finished. ... "

Goo Hye Sun's first album Breath will be included in the movie as a soundtrack (OST). After finishing Boys Over Flowers, she has been getting a lot of offers but she kindly refused so that she can work on her scenario 100%."

Last October, Goo Hye Sun got recognized as a true director after she directed her short film, The Cheerful Caretaker. She is finally working on a full movie! Although it is unfortunate that we won't be seeing her anytime soon, at least everyone's got something to be excited for. Aren't you excited?

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Lee Min Ho Updates His Cyworld

Setelah berbulan-bulan tidak terlihat aktif di cyworld-nya, kemaren malam jam 20:57 [waktu Korea], Min Ho terlihat meng-update foto albumnya dg 2 foto :) Foto-foto ini diambil dari cyworld-nya seseorang yg kenal dg Minho ^^. Oh iya background music cyworld Minho itu lagunya K.Will – Miss, Miss, Miss hehehe…

Foto ke-dua Minho lagi dimana ya? ternyata di dlm kamar hotel di Sydney beberapa bulan yang lalu :)

Sumber: + DC Minho Gall
Capped by maymay – [minozindo]

MinSun Analysis From about Making BOF Eps 6

^^^ OMONAAAAAAAAAAA... The MinSun interaction for this BTS is less than 3 minutes but i can watch it all day... It makes up for the entire clip...

Sisters, The way Minho said those words to Hyesun was not CASUAL at all... There was so much tenderness in his stare and his eyes when he said it that words are not necessary to convey what he feels at that moment...

This is not how you say I MISS YOU to a friend... none of the joking tone nor a friendly laugh that normally accompanies statements like this... Minho was DEAD SERIOUS...

Even his reaction afterwards was so different... he would have laughed it off if he was joking or if he meant it casually but the shy smile he gave was so real and so painfully endearing that my MinSun heart literally did a backflip...


Look at their facial expressions and the way minho stares at Hyesun... It says everything there is to be said.

If i were in Hyesun's shoes, i would have melted...

Hyesun on the other hand seemed to be so surprised at Minho's words that she had to cover her face but i bet there's a smile hidden somewhere behind those hands... hahaha! LOL

The way she stared back at him is also very telling...

OMONAAAAAAAAA... These two are killing me i swear!

Minho seemed to be so painfully shy afterwards, probably wondering how he could have blurted out his feelings in front of the camera... hahaha!

They must not have seen each other a long time prior to this taping that's why he can't stop himself from saying what he is feeling... hehehe!

Is Hyesun watching Minho during take right after?

credit: bellaangel012/jujol/,
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Lee Min Ho Considers New Drama Rule

He’s not confirmed for casting, but a rep from his management company said in an interview on the 17th that he is looking favorably at Bad Guy [나쁜 남자], a working title for the new drama from Lee Hyung-min, the PD behind 2004’s melodrama I’m Sorry, I Love You. His rep said, “He plans to make the selection for his next project as quickly as possible, and is looking to decide by the end of this month at the latest.”

Contrasting with his ridiculously rich and pampered Gu Jun-pyo character in the drama that made him famous, Boys Before Flowers, this drama’s hero grew up poor and becomes an action school stuntman. Bad Guy is aiming to hit broadcast airwaves next spring.

Since bursting onto the scene, Lee Min-ho has taken on a number of CFs and endorsement contracts, from mobile phones to beer to clothing and food, but has not taken any acting roles since Boys Before Flowers wrapped in March. If he takes this role, I will be very excited to see him working with a talented director who will show off his actors to their best advantage, unlike what we saw in the insanity (albeit an addictive kind) of Boys. Whether you love or hate Boys, Lee Min-ho was undoubtedly the breakout star, and proved that he has the raw acting talent to go very far — if he makes some smart choices about how to steer his career.

Lee has a Tokyo fanmeeting scheduled for the 26th, and will be leaving for Japan on the 21st.

Source : Star News
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Minoz-Indonesia 1st Fans Gathering

Halo para Minoz di Indonesia,
Akhirnya Minoz-Indonesia akan mengadakan acara kumpul-kumpul bagi semua penggemar Lee Min Ho dimanapun kalian berada. Acaranya bebas dan tanpa biaya, yang penting bisa kumpul dan ngobrolin uri wangja-nim ^^

Hari/Tanggal: Sabtu, 28 November 2009
Tempat : Foodcourt Senayan City, Jakarta
Jam : 13.00 – selesai
Dresscode : nuansa hitam/putih/abu2 [warna kesukaan Lee Min Ho ^^]

Karena ini gathering pertama para Minoz, jadi ga cuma datang ‘kongkow-kongkow’. Ada syaratnya ;)

Syaratnya yaitu para Minoz diwajibkan membawa hasil karya sebuah scrap-page yg berisikan pesan dan kesan thd Lee Min Ho. Nantinya scrap-page akan dikumpulkan jadi satu menjadi sebuah Scrapbook.
Ukuran: kertas A4.
Hal: 1 – 2 halaman
Bahasa: Inggris atau Korea.

Yang ga bisa datang masih bisa ikutan bikin scrap-page, nanti dikumpulkan ke admin Minoz-Indonesia.
Kalau masih ada pertanyaan silakan kirim ke:
Alamat email: .
Judul email: scrapbook.

cr :


Hari dan tanggal : Minggu , 20 Desember 2009

tempat : Melati Room Lt. Dasar Annex Building
Wisma Indosemen. Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 70-71

Jam : 13.00 - selesai

HTM : 150.000 ( include : t-shirt, Photobook, Id-card, konsumsi )

Pembayaran dapat dilakukan melalui : - BCA. NO REK. 8990292290

- BNI NO.REK 0177486917

( dateline pendaftaran dan pembayaran gatering tanggal 1 desember 2009 , dan bagi yang sudah melakukan pembayan harap menghubungain contact person dibawah ini, dengan mencantumkan NAMA ( SPASI ) NO.TELP ( SPASI ) UKURAN BAJU. )


- NURIE : 085719047850
- ARRA : 08998046043
- PUTRI : 08170005189

cr : BBFI

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Another MinSun Picts at Good Downloader Campaign

Black Perfect Couple : MinSun

KBS Entertainment Relay Interview At I'm a Good Downloader Event


I'll just briefly translate Goo Hye Sun's interview section. So funny~

Starting at 1:48, the reporter asks Goo Hye Sun, as a director, what kind of roles she would assign the actors sitting along with her. She answers, "a story about a family."

Then she points to veteran actor Ahn Sung Ki as the father. Kim Soo Ro as the oldest brother. Pointing to herself as the second child. Pointing to Lee Min Ho as the third child. And Park Bo Young as the youngest child.

The reporter asks her what the story is about. Goo Hye Sun's answer:

A thriller(!) story surrounding the family.

Hehe, naturally, Goo Hye Sun gravitates toward thrillers. Actually, if she were ever to make that family thriller with that cast, I think I'd love to see it.

credits: blueangel_1004/,

source : kimchi's blog.

MinSun : Let The Love Begin MV

MinSun and BOF nominated for 14th Asian Television Awards

From Kimchi-whendestinycalls blog ,

cr :

The Asian Television Awards (ATA) is the Asian television industry’s most significant and celebrated event, recognising excellence in programming, production and performance.

The awards represent the industry’s foremost recognition and enjoy the support of every major industry player throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Now into its 14th successful year, ATA remains as the only pan-Asian media event of considerable prestige and standing. It recognises talent, spurs industry progress, and enhances the glamour of regional media.

In order to keep the Awards current and incorporate the latest programming trends, categories are reviewed annually according to industry demand. This year, two new award categories have been introduced, namely, Best Cross-Platform Content and Best Achievement in HD (High Definition).

The Awards will be determined by a panel of judges comprising well-known experts and leaders in the regional media industry who have strong programming or production background. Similar to last year, the judging process will be conducted on-line this year. The main purpose of an on-line judging is to provide the judges, with greater comfort and flexibility in screening the entries at their own pace. We are proud to announce that ATA 2008 attracted a strong response with 1,187 impressive entries from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, India, Australia and New Zealand.

We believe that ATA 2009 will continue to showcase and reward the best in television programming from throughout the region. The winners of 33 awards will be announced at the ATA 2009 Gala Dinner held in Singapore on 3rd December, 2009.


The Samurai Gentleman (Episode 1):
Road to Destiny

NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)


City Homicide Season 2 (Episode 2)

Southern Star International


The Little Nyonya

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Channel 8


1895 in Formosa

Hakka Television Station


All Saints (Episode 464)

Seven Network Operations Limited


Beethoven Virus (Episode 1)

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)


Boys Over Flowers

Korean Broadcasting System


Garden of the Wind

Fuji Television Network, Inc


Ghost 2



Me and My Three Daughters' Marriages

Hakka Television Station


Stepmother II

Hunan ETV Culture Media Co., Ltd.


Warkah Terakhir (Episode 8)

Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd


Who Will Call the Shots of My Youth

Beijing Xinbaoyuan Movie & TV Investment Co., Ltd



Lee, Min-ho

Boys Over Flowers

Korean Broadcasting System


Adrian Pang

Red Thread

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Channel 5


Qi Yu Wu

The Little Nyonya

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Channel 8


Chen Han Wei

By My Side

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Channel 8


Myung-Min Kim

Beethoven Virus

Munhwa Broadcasting
Corporation (MBC)


Patrick Teoh

Red Thread

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Channel 5


Pierre Png

The Little Nyonya

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Channel 8



Zoe Tay

The Ultimatum

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Channel 8


Michelle Yim

Moonlight Resonance

Television Broadcasts Limited

Hong Kong

Robyn Malcolm

Outrageous Fortune Series 4

South Pacific Pictures

New Zealand

Fann Wong

The Defining Moment

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Channel 8


Gu, Hye-Seon

Boys Over Flowers

Korean Broadcasting System


Joanne Peh

The Little Nyonya

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Channel 8


Yvonne Lim

Perfect Cut

MediaCorp Pte Ltd, Channel 8


Korea Buzz – Goo Hye Sun Donates Own Clothes to Charity Bazaar

Posted on November 13, 2009 by gongjunim

(Translated from bnt뉴스)

Actress-turned-director Goo Hye Sun has spread the message of love through “Celebrities’ Love Charity Bazaar”. “Celebrities’ Love Charity Bazaar” is organized for commemorating bntnews Japan open and the purpose of supporting and aiding low-income children in their education after their school admission.

Goo Hye Sun has also joined in a campaign for helping visually impaired children and stepped in in helping those less fortunate. Recently, she has also secretly visited a disabled children medical center and participated in their volunteer activities. She was like a guardian angel to the children.

In particular, at the charity bazaar, Goo Hye Sun donated her own trademark red coat. This red coat which Goo Hye Sun wore gave out a cute and sporty image. This red coat is also among the variety of designs which Goo Hye Sun wore during the drama “Boys over Flowers” and it has caught the attention of many netizens.

And also, the artists who are participating in the charity bazaar include Big Bang, 2NE1, 4minute, SS501, KARA, Son Ho Young, WheeSung, Ji Sung and many other celebrities. The sales proceeds of the auction will be donated in full to low-income children in aiding their education after their admission to school.

This event which is organized by bntnews will officially start from November 20 to November 26 at Hyundai Department Store.

(translation copyrights credit –

credits: + as labeled

source : kimchi's blog.